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captioned by closed captioning services, inc. >> sean: this is a fox news alert. three days after an earthquake in haiti the death toll is believed to be at 100,000. tensions in the haitian capital are rising as rescuers race against time to find those still alive beneath the rubble. the haitian government says as many as 40,000 may still be buried. a 60-year-old american man was pulled alive from beneath the remains of a hotel early this morning. those on the ground are desperate for food, water and relief efforts are focused on getting basic goods to the victims. the relief effort well underway. first wave of troops arriving last night. additional soldiers and marines joining them today. according to the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, admiral mullen, between 9,000 and 10,000 american troops are
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expected to reach haiti by monday. the pentagon is ready to send more. secretary of state clinton will travel to haiti tomorrow with the add traitor of the u.s. agency for vl development. they will be joined by the u.n. secretary general moon. the haitian police have disappeared the wake of this tragedy. a 3,000-member u.n. peacekeeping force is trying to maintain law and order. >> meanwhile, the massachusetts senate race is getting more exciting by the day. tonight news out of the bay state is good for republicans. latest poll has scott brown ahead of coakley by four points. coakley isn't doing anything to help her chances. in a radio interview yesterday she took a swipe at pro lifers and catholics. here's what she told radio host about those who would hesitate to prescribe the morning after pill based on their deeply held religious
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beliefs. >> the losses -- the law says people are allowed to have that you can have religious freedom you probably shouldn't work in an emergency room. >> i wonder if coakley thinks catholics should be denied jobs in emergency rooms on the basis of their religion or voluntarily quit? believable. as if coakley isn't doing enough damage on her own the democratic party is pitching in. senator campaign committee released this ad, including intended to suggest that scott brown is cozy with wall street bigwigs using images of the world trade center as well as destroyed marriott hotel on the western side in a testament to how desperate the democrats have become the president is headed to massachusetts, sunday to campaign for coakley. joining me to discuss the state of the race in the great state of massachusetts, the people's republic, former arkansas governor mike
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huckabee and radio talk show host, howie karr this would be the equivalent of the red sox winning the world series again? >> yeah, this is a great opportunity for scott brown. he's a very good campaign, obviously. she has run a terrible campaign martha coakley, i guess you are going to talk about her record a little later on. it's finally catching up with her. i think the big problem here for her is health care. i think is a referendum on health care. the people in massachusetts don't like it much more than anybody else does. >> sean: amazing democrats outnumbering republicans 3-1. mike big picture, what does it mean when a state 3-1, democrats, republicans, massachusetts they are in the fight of their life? now seemingly behind. >> this could be the beginning of a political tsunami. today arkansas had another
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democrat who is not running, dick snyder there a long time, this race is one republican in the senate seat in massachusetts since 1972. let me complimented howie karr highs writings have been brilliant. the momentum is against health care, obama, pelosi and coakley no doubt. >> sean: howie there's been a series of screw-ups, campaign manager knocking done a reporter, she didn't see anything even though she was right over the whole thing this comment about catholics. how could you not want to shake the hands of boston bruin fans when they are flying the flyers at fenway park? >> i think democrats of massachusetts have long assumed once they won the primary they've got it made. she made the same mistake
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dukakis did in 1978, he didn't think bush was going to be a problem. that's why she was down in d.c. the other night she thought the race was over and she could pick up contributions from lobbyists. brown came out of nowhere. he's a street fighter and he's really taking her. >> sean: by the way there were are no terrorists in afghanistan according to coakley and she is running ads, she can't spell the name of her own state. >> those gaffs are the things of the marks of amateurs in the early stages in the campaign. when it happens late it is a sign the candidate is in trouble. brown had the line of the decade when david gergen asked about ted kennedy's seat and he just brilliantly came back and said that's the people's seat. >> sean: great line. >> that was a knock out blow >> that was a mike huckabee line. >> i wish i could be that smart. >> sean: howie does obama showing up sunday help or
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hurt? >> you know, i think the democrats thought well we don't want to energize the republicans any more. the absentee ballots have been through the roof here in massachusetts over the last few weeks. they figured, they can't energize the republicans and independents any more. they have to get out the urban vote, the minors' vote and she can't do it. she's hopeless. so they are gonna take a chance. if she loses on wednesday, i mean i'm sure you're gonna have fun showing a picture of obama with corzine and a picture of obama with martha coakley. risky. >> sean: we are going to get into a serious issue the next segment. there's a case about a police officer back in 2005 that was accused of raping, with a curling iron, his 23-month-old niece. coakley's handing of this case
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letting this guy out on bail. he got two life sentences. but her handling of this case, how big of an impact is that having on race on the ground? >> it's having somewhat of an impact. you know she is from the -- she comes out of middle sex county district attorney's office and they've had a history of political sizing cases. i had a guy with me today, he and his mother and his sister, they did eight years and he did 17 years for a so-called child abuse. they didn't do. they were framed. it was like a modern equivalent of a salem witch trial. they are convicted yet this politically connected cop gets a walk and they let him out on personal recognizance. she never got a conviction. there's a state senator caught stuffing cash into her bra on
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an fbi video tape. martha as attorney general cut her a deal so that she would make restitution on campaign funds. she didn't do it. martha has never taken any action against her. she is not a joe friday, let's put it that way. >> governor, first of all that case about the rapist almost unimaginable. the guy ended up getting two life sentences. your thoughts on that do you think obama helps or hurts sunday? >> i think it hurts because it shows he has to save her, if he can't like the corzine race, like the race with mcdonnell winning the governor's race. a lot of these prosecution cases are coming out too late for her to recover. this is the thing if you are going to have it happen and you will let it happen six months, a year before the race. she doesn't have time to recover. >> sean: seems like one of the worst last weeks i think i can ever think of following campaigns in my life. this is --
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>> this is gonna be written in the political textbooks on how not to went a senate race in a state where you can't lose one. >> sean: if the republicans win this political earthquake, 9.9. this is huge. >> what happens to blanch lincoln governor, if brown comes close? close, blanch needs to get boxes and start packing. >> sean: guys good to see you. howie we are counting on you to pull out the state. counting on you to pull out arkansas. still more to come. here's a sneak peek. that coakley wants voters to forget. police officer accused of sexually assaulting a baby walked free without bail. did attorney general coakley give this predator preferential treatment because of his political connections? >> you have heard of the
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prosecutors allege that while babysitting his 23-month-old niece, that winfield sexually assaulted her with a hot object, likely a curling iron. the child suffered massive injuries and was hospitalized for a month. following this unthinkable crime against a defenseless child the boston globe reports a grand jury overseen by d.a. coakley declined to charge winfield. the outrageous handling of the case by coakley's grand jury prompted the child's mother to file criminal complaints against winfield. then and only then was coakley able to secure grand jury dims to charge him with assault and battery. -- indictments to charge him with assault and dat . turns out in the end her office recommended that winfield be released without posting bail. in response to this outrageous miscarriage of justice the girl's family hired an attorney to represent them and help put the child's rapist behind bars.
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the attorney had his own theory on why coakley declined to pursue the original investigation. he alleged it had to do with winfield's political connections namely his father's work as a powerful union rep who may have had ties to coakley's political campaign. the attorney was so outraged by coakley's behavior he ran against her in 2006 for attorney general he lost that race and sadly passed away in 2008. in 2007 justice was served, coakley's successor won a conviction against winfield that put him behind bars for two life sentences. joining me with more on this unbelievable story is larry's brother, frank. thanks for being with us, sorry about the passing of your brother. >> thank you. >> sean: i want people to understand, because your brother was motivated to run because of this case. can you explain with more specificity what this case is about?
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>> sure. when the event occurred in i think it was october 13th, 2005, shortly thereafter the family, we had known the family for years the family contacted by office and my brother agreed to represent the mother. within probably a month of the initial assault, one a few days, i think the department of social services report came out october 17th, like four days after the the event occurred. it recommended criminal prosecution. my brother larry was involved at that point. he put together a package that he presented to coakley's office. they that package in mid november of 2005. within approximately a month of the event. he got frustrated by the response of coakley's office in failing to do anything. on january 12th, 2006, he sent
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a letter to coakley's office and said, you're not prosecuting him, you're not doing anything. we're gonna start the process. we're gonna file for a criminal complaint. i'm going to take the mother to the local district court and file an application for complaint that was met with an immediate response from coakley's office of don't do that, you're interfering with our process we are going to convene a grand jury and we expect him to be indicted. so my brother immediately responded by advising them, he was a former district attorney down in norfolk, county that's how his career started. he immediately advised he wouldn't interfere in the process and would wait. as the process dragged on in april, he then decided he would run against her because it appeared she was doing nothing. a grand jury was ultimately convened in may and i know that my brother had regular communications with the office,
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the family was frustrated nothing had been done about this horrific event. in may, a grand jury was convened. what i just learned now for the first time, when that grand jury was convened evidence was presented and coakley's office instructed the grand jury they didn't want an indictment returned. they wanted additional information and they then dismissed the grand jury. that isn't what was told to us. what was told to my office, by coakley's office was that the grand jury failed to indict. my brother then engaged in a number of discussions about the information presented to the grand jury of critical importance it seemed to us, was in the medical records the medical professionals, nurses and doctors made repeated notes as to the child's reaction when she was being
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examined. she was blaming the uncle for doing this. she kept saying uncle hurt me. no uncle. that sort of thing. and what my brother heard out of coakley's office is, these are statements of a 2-year-old child, they are unreliable we are not going to present them to the grand jury. my brother a former district attorney that thought that was outrageous. >> sean: outrageous because the girl was in the hospital for a month. waying a child rapist ended up getting two life sentences this guy is out and about and coakley decides that at one point she was even with the evidence in play gonna let this guy out without any bail. when did that happen? >> well, that happened when he was subsequently indicted. let me back up one half step. what happened after the may grand jury is that my brother then brought the mother in the local district court and file
5:20 am
the application he had said he was gonna file some six months before. in the course of that process, he presented the same package to the clerk and asked for probable cause hearing and was instructed why didn't you bring this to coakley's office? this is where that . his response was she doesn't want to do anything. he had to wait an hour they said they will give you a date. the normal process you get a date in 5 to days. his date was a month later. the hearing date was august 1st, the day before that the district attorney advised the grand jury had been convened, they expected an indictment to issue on that basis the application for criminal complaint was withdrawn. the grand jury did indict. it has been opposition from the onset. this indictment wasn't gonna happen, but for my brother forcing the issue.
5:21 am
if he hadn't filed the criminal complaint they would still be looking at this. what i found outrageous is miss coakley defended this by saying first they 9,000 cases at the time, it takes time and they had to get additional information for the second grand jury. the additional information was purportedly this guy's telephone records and employment history things that were available before and i don't see as especially critical to indicting him. >> sean: frank, it is an unbelievable story and horrible judgment. i'm sorry about your brother. thank you for sharing this on the eve of an important election, we appreciate it. >> you're welcome. nelson. we'll tell you what happened to him in omaha. >> hard ford, jr. trying to become a new yorker. bombed when asked if he supported the giants or the jets
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. >> sean: tonight in hannity's america. you may remember senator nelson cast the decisive vote in favor of a government health care takeover after securing a bundle of money for his home state. it appears that did not win him friends in conservative nebraska. last night he and his wife were booed out of an omaha pizzeria by angry customers who yelled things like get him out of here! there may be no consequences in d.c., but it is good to see the good folks in the midwest know how to hold their representatives accountable. >> harold ford, trying to fit in as a new yorker. now that he's considering running against senator. when asked which nfl team he supports the jets or the
5:26 am
giants? he proved how out of touch he is. according to ford, he likes the giants more because when he's in town he often sees the team's owner during his breakfast at the re , that luxury hotel on luxurious park avenue. this is the same guy when asked if he had ever been to staten island said, i landed there in a helicopter so i can say yes. not exactly a man of the people are you harold? you may remember former u.n. weapons inspector szott ritter the outspoken critic of president bush in the iraq war he's back in the news. ritter was arrested in an online sex sting for engageing in in-- engaging in inappropriate sexual web behavior on a webcam to a police officer posing as a 15-year-old girl. ritter was released on $25,000 bail. he may be a repeat offender in 2001 he faced similar charges
5:27 am
but said the police were targeting him because of his customer kwraeupblg -- courageous criticism of the iraq war, apparently not. the hunt for the most wanted terrorist, osama bin laden continues to bolster efforts around the world, u.s. state department has released age progression photos. digitally altered to show what he may look like today. bin laden now 52-years-old is believed to be hiding between pakistan and afghanistan. a 25 million dollar bounty remains hanging over his head. i hope someone collects it. that is the news from hannity's america. >> the president is doing his best to pass health care he has made a shady deal with union leaders to get them onboard. of course he's using your money and doing it behind closed doors. we'll tell you the details.
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headlines log on to
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>> sean: transparency is yet again a casualty as the administration cuts another backroom deal to pass a government health care takeover. after the democrats slipped in a 40% excise tax that many are calling the cadillac tax on high cost insurance plans the president sat down with union leaders behind closed doors. why? union members get fees expensive insurance plans also but they don't want to pay the tax. the president let hem off the hook. they will not pay this tax, although many of you will. how and why? we may never know since all these negotiations took place behind closed doors. joining me with analysis fox news anchor, analyst kimberly guilfoyle and political analyst kirsten powers. let's make it really simple. if you help elect barack obama as president, you don't pay taxes. that's what it is. >> that's very transparent of you sean.
5:33 am
>> only politician ever to repay people who support him. >> sean: i don't want to talk about other politicians. >> you want him to have all his meeting on the front lawn of the white? >> sean: he said these negotiations on health care would be on c-span, eight times. >> i took that to mean with congress, i didn't take mean -- i'm with you on that one. i think the idea of every white house meeting in public is a little ridiculous. >> sean: explain this, how do you justify if you help elect president and member of one of these big unions, you don't pay taxes? every other american that has a similar plan, they pay taxes. isn't that what this comes down to? >> when you pull back the bed sheets you've got him in bed with the unions. that's how sim until is. >> sean: another bribe. >> absolutely, you scratch my back i'm going to scratch yours.
5:34 am
he's taking care of them, they are important to the democratic party in terms of elections, get out the vote, fundraising, a necessary evil in terms of politics in getting ahead and delivering the vote. now we have the american people getting punished for it because we are going to pay for it. >> sean: they didn't have the votes they bought off landrieu with 300 million. they bought off nelson. by the time we see this who knows who else they bought off. we've her the term fat cat country club republicans. aren't these fat cat democrats? doesn't this bother you that union members get something the rest of the american people don't get? >> it does. all of the things you said about democrats you can say about republicans. i have a problem with this and i think -- let's stay with the facts the it is only for a couple of years and unions will be paying tabs.
5:35 am
they have time to renegotiate their contracts. if i had my druthers they would be paying the same tax. >> how is this fair? >> sean: it's not fair. >> this is i think a reason that so many americans have problems with politicians. it is not just democrats. this is what happens. they are in bed with the unions [ talking over each other ] >> sean: the government is sanctioning a system of two classes of citizens the elite that vote for bomb ma they get benefits. the -- vote for obama, they get benefits the rest of us have to pay taxes for everybody. >> the unions, i don't think are the elite. you can say the same in the bush-cheney white house energy companies access because they had a relationship. >> sean: when did they get bribe?
5:36 am
>> this is the way politics works democrats and republicans. >> it doesn't make it okay. >> don't make it into an issue about democrats. i'm saying i do have a problem with it. >> sean: i can think of an example kimberly where there's been open bribery of senators with taxpayer dollars. i can't think of an instance where one group that didn't support the president gets punished and another group doesn't have to pay taxes. >> it is unjust. no credibility whatsoever after this because he's going back on all his promises there. is no transparency, nothing but excessive taxation. >> sean: beyond the mandate which i believe is unconstitutional and i think will be challenged in the court. i also believe this two tier system is unconstitutional. do you think it would withstand a test? >> i don't think it should withstand a test. i think they should say is this something that is is constitutional?
5:37 am
i don't think it is. i think perhaps we'll see if that bears true and we're gonna be able to see that soon. i think health care is going to pass that is going to come through and we are going to unfortunately, suffer -- the ills of it. >> you're saying they can't determine which groups pay which taxes? that's what obama is doing. >> sean: wait, a session, all things being equal that is not the same thing. the american citizens, we are not talking a difference in income. we are saying this group is exempt because they support us. >> you think is the only time in the history of the united states it has happened. i'll look it up but i'm confident this goes on all the time. >> sean: i've never seen anything like this. >> an idea that barack obama is the first person to ever "bribe a member of congress" is laughable. the idea that this doesn't go on all the time. >> you have to expose it. in this administration, has been one bribery after the next. that's the problem. that's why people are outraged. look at the polling.
5:38 am
>> i'm not justifying that i'm just saying when you [ talking over each other ] >> sean: if the bill is not good enough to pass on its own when you are spending hundreds of millions everyone watching out there, look in that camera, they are going to pay -- going to pay for the louisiana purchase and the cornhusker kickback. how do you justify people making $40,000 a year sucking it up and paying that? >> i think he should have gone with something that would move us closer to a single payer system and having a public option we would be in a different situation. >> the american people don't want it. he doesn't care they are gonna put it through at any cost and they are going to see what happens. there will be a reckoning and it is going to start in massachusetts. >> sean: greta has a special on the record.
5:39 am
i saw you didn't get into haiti and you tried what is the update on that? >> greta: i'm leaving at 6:00 tomorrow morning. stay tuned, sean, there is no end to the update. tonight, we are going live to haiti because griff jenkins is there now on the ground. we'll talk to him tonight from haiti. what a fight between karl rove and david axelrod. karl rove is here to talk about it and he's fired up. >> sean: my money is on rove. we'll be watching. thanks for being with us. let not your heart be troubled. when we come back our great, great, great american panel. ♪ ♪ host: could switching to geico really save you
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>> sean: tonight on our great,
5:43 am
great american panel. author of the best selling book the political fix, doug shoen. washington editor for fortune magazine, columnist for "time" magazine nina easton. he's a member of the "wall street journal" editorial board and writer of the best of the web column a really short column, james taranto is with us. longer column than is being written. i read it and i love it. guys thanks for being with us. before i show this latest debacle by coakley in massachusetts. general thoughts, doug you're the democrat, democrats struggling to save massachusetts? >> sean, everything is moving against coakley. that's not ideology that's analysis. the energy is with the republican brown. the key are the independents. they're breaking two or three to one for brown, about 40 to 50% of the registrants in
5:44 am
massachusetts. the energy and enthusiasm is with the opponents of obama. >> sean: why? >> health care is unpopular. the obama agenda is unpopular. the tea party movement is energized. all the enthusiasm that in 2008 that was with the democrats is now the with the republicans. >> sean: nina? >> i an the intensity clearly on the republican side. the other thing people don't focus on massachusetts, they don't elect women. they have one woman in their congressional delegation. >> sean: she was attorney general. >> that's fine they don't elect women. when i say don't elect women they don't send them to washington. they have one in their congressional delegation before her they hadn't had a woman for 25 years and they not had a democratic woman for 35 years. >> sean: even barney frank, he
5:45 am
even says health care is dead if brown wins. >> yes, although i noticed that congressman van holland of maryland the democrat said they can get this through the senate that only requires 51 votes. a man in no position to do anything to carry it out. >> one other thing on massachusetts if brown wins the big question is the secretary of state in massachusetts gonna delay instituting his seat there long enough for the democrats to get that -- >> sean: there would be a firestorm -- >> he's talking delaying for 20 years. >> sean: firestorm. if they do that, it will be -- look, at that point i think the republicans can win 60 seats in the house. >> if they are electing a republican from the u.s. senate from massachusetts a state that elected dukakis and kerry as a ticket --
5:46 am
>> sean: there's still an effort to try and distance themselves from coakley while she has run a bad campaign which is true. she said there were no terrorists in afghanistan. she has one of her campaign people knock over a reporter the other day. she goes to d.c., begging for money, getting money from lobbyists when brown is raising 1.3 million on the web at the same too. one of the latest debacles is coakley and her comments about catholics, which it is the second largest catholic population in the country. roll this tape. >> if you're a catholic and you believe what the pope teaches, you know that any form of birth control is a sin, you don't wanna do that >> we have separation of church and state here let's be clear. >> in the emergency room you still have your religious freedom. >> the law says that people are allowed to have that. so then if you -- you can have religious freedom you probably shouldn't work in the
5:47 am
emergency room. >> wow. >> wow is right. >> this is gaff after gaff. fundamentally this is a national election. as a national election, what the democrats have done is taken the massachusetts party advantage out of play. it's an election fought on issues related to what is going on in washington. with the president going in sunday, my sense it will harm the democrats more than she helps. >> sean: does obama harm or help? >> he went into new jersey, virginia he's in danger of looking -- >> sean: and he went to copenhagen. does he hurt coakley? >> i don't think he hurts coakley, but i think he could hurt himself. >> i think he hurts her a bit. obama is still reasonably popular personally in massachusetts. but obama cares not, 51% of people in massachusetts are against, only 36% in favor. people are upset about obama not personally, but his
5:48 am
policies. noor reason it reminds people that this is -- for that reason it reminds people this is an opportunity to send a message to washington. >> sean: one year into the obama presidency only 39% of the american people would vote to reelect him. 50% would vote against him. bigger picture, you're a democrat dug, more moderate, where is that one -- doug, more moderate, where is that one democrat that says i'm tired of the bribes. i don't want to bribe landrieu, nelson, unions. where is that one democrat that says, this stinks to high heaven and it is destroying our party? >> the democrat hasn't shown up yet. >> reporter: where is evan bayh, blanch lincoln? >> this either silent or made special deals this is more like a parliamentary system than a democratically --
5:49 am
>> sean: they are destroying your party. >> moderation as i know it in democratic party is an endangered species. >> democrats fear the health care plan passing but more that it won't pass. they feel like they have to have some health care plan passed. i think they are in a quandary. >> guy sees a bear coming and he puts his shoes on his friend says why are you putting your shoes on, you can't outrun the bear? he said i don't want to outrun the bear i want to outrun you. >> sean: let's say evan bayh said i'm again the bribery, the process, the deal with unions and nelson and landrieu. he would be a rock star. >> simple sean, any democrat who did what you're describing would be an instant national -- [ talking over each other ] >> sean: i don't want him to do it. evan bayh stay where you are
5:50 am
you may lose. >> he's a good guy he's supported the health care bill. >> sean: he's silent. he's standing by as this corruption takes place, silent when he should exert leadership and he would be the beneficiary of a bold move. >> he could pull an arlen specter and become a republican. >> sean: that's true. >> he hasn't been totally silent. >> he talked about fiscal conservatism. >> sean: just speeches. >> op-ed pieces that -- >> sean: no one reads. a lot more with our great, great american panel. tuesday is going to be fascinating. full coverage right here. eeee
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>> sean: we continue with our great, great american panel.
5:54 am
union exemption, labor loophole that if you have a cadillac health care plan that was a product of collective bargaining you're exempt. i guess the bottom line is if you help barack obama, the point i was making in the last segment or the prior segment, if you help barack obama get elected, you don't have to pay taxes. that's a good payoff. >> until 2018 at least, sean. >> sean: i'm sorry. we'll pay taxes for that decade, don't worry about anyone else. >> there's a hole we have to fill we don't know what it is gonna cost now. we have a lot of questions, no answers. >> sean: how -- look, backroom deals, no transparency, broken promise on c-span. and i'm thinking, you know, when you're gonna bribe, your supporters this way, the american people are not gonna
5:55 am
take this especially in their current mood, doug? >> that's right. which is why across the landscape democrats are in trouble. could well lose substantial support in the senate and the house in november. massachusetts is obviously touch and go for them. the more substantial point sean, particularly with the president coming into massachusetts, the entire base of support of the president could be put at risk if there's a resounding defeat in massachusetts. >> sean: i don't think it needs to be a resounding defeat. if it is even close in massachusetts that is evidence that the anti-obama-pelosi-reid agenda is real. if you had doubts after virginia those doubts will be erased and every democrat will fear for their future. >> if coakley wins they could get obama care through unless it spooks members of congress.
5:56 am
then, they've completely ignored the message that the voters have been sending and imposed this monstrosity on us that makes the democrats' political situation even worse. >> on this union deal, barack obama said he was gonna change politics as usual in washington. we've come in and -- this coming on the heels of the ben nelson deal, now he's buying the votes of his favorite constituents the unions. one of the most common guests at the white house. you say it is not transparent. it is transparent. everybody is watching this go on. >> sean: the union deal is worse than -- >> the purpose of unions is to give workers an advantage of negotiating with employers not vis-a-vis everyone else
5:57 am
against the government. this would turn all unions into public sector unions where the people who the unions elect -- >> it's government creating jobs, government negotiating with labor union rather than the private sector creating the jobs. >> sean: let me see if i can put this another way that may be will resonate with people. if you are a small business owner, you didn't get the benefits of tarp. you didn't get any bailout by the government. if you didn't support barack obama, you're not gonna get any added been fit. you are not going to have your health care plans exempt from this excise tax. it really means that, if you supported the president, you benefit. we're creating a two-tiered system. elites that support the government in the prefered class and then there's the rest of us >> if you are a working guy, paying taxes who maybe lost
5:58 am
his job, maybe is having trouble with paying for school and retirement, he's sitting there saying, why didn't i get bailed out? why don't i get special breaks? how do i reconcile myself -- >> i would say this, this is going to resonate with both parties this year. i don't think is just a democratic problem. it is also a republican problem. >> sean: republicans didn't buy votes. >> they bailed out banks, -- >> sean: they -- [ talking over each other ] >> politically it is going to resonate -- >> sean: the president said they would be on c-span. it was the president and the democrats said -- [ talking over each other ] >> nina is making an important point. democrats have one argument, blame the republicans. >> sean: that's not gonna work. is obama care -- i've been saying this is a done deal on health care. that the democrats are gonna stay in that closed door room
5:59 am
until they get their deal. fred barnes thinks with wexler leaving the sole republican who voted for it, he think it can be stopped. do you think it can be stopped? >> there's a reasonable chance, fairly significant chance if brown wins next week. >> they are going to pull out all stops to make it happen. i think the democrats are more scared of it not passing than it passing. >> it's the worse result if it doesn't pass. they going to get something through, somehow, watch. >> sean: it is what we keep hearing. not different than what we are hearing? >> who knows, behind closed doors and each day is a new outrage. >> sean: i thought it was on c-span. when you tick off brian lamb you got a problem. >> bob edgar the liberal congressman from pennsylvania head of common sauce says what is going on is outrageous. -- >>ea

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